Posted on April 9, 2024

Enhancing the Batch Conversion Tool in Township Canada

In our mission to continually improve Township Canada, we've implemented key updates to our Batch Conversion tool based on your invaluable feedback. These enhancements are designed to not only increase the tool's accuracy and transparency but also to simplify user interaction.

Township Canada's updated Batch Conversion Tool with data processing report and 'N/A' placeholders for unmatched records

Introducing data processing report

Understanding the need for clear data tracking, we've added data processing report to the Batch Conversion tool. This feature provides an instant overview of your data processing activities, including the total number of input records, failure rate, processing time, and any records that were skipped or encountered issues during conversion. With this report, you can quickly assess the conversion results and identify any potential problems that may require further investigation.

Real-world application of data processing report:

Consider a scenario where you convert a batch of legal land descriptions to geographic coordinates. The tool now presents a succinct report:

  • Total Records Processed: 5
  • Processing time: 0.008 seconds
  • Failed conversions: 2
  • Records with issues: "12-7-2", "NW-26-13-2"

This immediate feedback is invaluable for identifying and addressing any data anomalies or errors quickly.

Improved handling of unmatched records

In the past, our method of omitting non-matching records resulted in discrepancies between the number of input and output records. With this update, we've introduced a more robust approach to handling unmatched records. The tool now includes an "N/A" placeholder for each failed conversion, ensuring a one-to-one correspondence between input and output records. This addition enhances the tool's consistency and clarity, making it easier to track and manage your data.

Enhanced output consistency in action:

Let's consider a scenario where you convert geographic coordinates to legal land descriptions. The input consists of two records, one of which is problematic.

  • Input Examples:
    • -114.231241, 5.321248
    • -110.024126, 53.756331

The tool processes the data and generates the following output:

  • Output Examples:
    • N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A
    • 13-13-55-1-W4, -110.024126, 53.756331, Alberta

Despite being a valid pair of geographic coordinates, the first record did not convert successfully as it indicates a location outside Canada. The tool now inserts an "N/A" placeholder for such records, simplifying the process of identifying and addressing these issues.


The latest enhancements to Township Canada's Batch Conversion tool aim to elevate your data processing experience. With the data processing report and improved handling of unmatched records, you can now track your data more effectively and address any issues more quickly and efficiently.

We value your feedback as it drives our innovation. If you have any suggestions or questions about the Batch Conversion tool or any other feature in Township Canada, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.