Posted on February 12, 2024

Introducing the new area measurement tool in Township Canada App

We're thrilled to unveil a highly requested feature in the Township Canada app: an easy-to-use measurement tool that allows users to measure areas on the map by drawing polygons. This tool is a game-changer for anyone needing precise area calculations on the map, right from their browser.

Area measurement tool in Township Canada app

Discover the new measurement tool

Our new measurement tool comes with a user-friendly drawing toolbar located at the top-right corner of the map, equipped with three main buttons:

  1. Square Icon (Draw Polygon): Easily draw polygons by clicking to create vertices. To complete and close a polygon, click on the last vertex.
  2. Pencil Icon (Edit Polygon): This button enables you to edit the polygon. You can move the entire shape, adjust its vertices, or add new ones for more accuracy.
  3. Trash Bin Icon (Delete Drawings): With one click, you can delete all your drawings from the map.

Area calculation in multiple units

As you draw your polygons, an information box at the top-right corner of the map displays the calculated area. This feature supports various units including acres, hectares (ha), square meters, and square feet. If you have more than one polygon, the tool calculates and displays the total area of all polygons combined. Note that closing the information box will also remove all drawings from the map.

Important considerations

  • Base Map Switching: If you switch base maps while having polygons drawn, the data will be lost. We recommend setting your preferred base map, such as the satellite view with its high-resolution imagery, before you start drawing.
  • Privacy and Data Security: All operations are performed in your browser. Nothing is communicated to our web servers, ensuring that your data remains private and is not stored on our end.
  • Device Compatibility: This tool is optimized for large screens, such as desktops and tablets. It is not available on mobile devices to ensure the best user experience.

We value your feedback

We understand the importance of evolving our app to meet your needs. If there’s a feature you’d love to see or if you have any thoughts on how we can improve, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Every piece of feedback is a step towards creating a better and more user-friendly app.

Ready to explore?

Visit Township Canada now to try out our new measurement tool. See how it simplifies your area calculations on the map. We can't wait to hear what you think!